'Million-to-one' black and white twins Marcia and Millie off to school for the very first time.



Amazing twins: Marcia (left) and Millie (right) pictured on their first birthday

When twins Marcia and Millie Biggs start school today, the teachers will have no trouble telling them apart.

In a million to one chance, Marcia was born with their mother Amanda’s fair complexion and golden brown hair, while Millie takes after their father – who is of Jamaican origin – with her tight curls and darker skin.

The four-year-olds were pictured as they tried on uniforms before their first day at Osborne Junior and Infant School in Erdington, Birmingham.


Sisters in arms: Million to one twins Marcia (left) and Millie are all set for their first day at school.

Their mother Amanda, 42, says people still can't believe the pair are twin sisters - including their old nursery teachers.

Amanda, a former Argos worker from Erdington, Birmingham, said: 'When they were growing up Millie was more timid and clingy and if anyone came to say hello she would take a while to say anything, but over the last couple of years she has come out of her shell a bit.

'Marcia is a bit bossier and is a bit more outgoing - she's a cheeky little monkey.

'Everybody is always amazed by how beautiful they have both become, and people still just can't believe they're related, let alone sisters.

'I still get the same puzzled looks and questions just like I did three years ago.

'Even teachers at nursery refused to believe they were sisters.

'A couple could of the staff could see they were related, but some just wouldn't have it - but I've become used to that after four years.

'Millie has become a little bit darker, and her hair is curlier and tighter, whereas Marcia's hair is more of a golden brown.


Proud parents: The twins with their mother and father Amanda and Michael

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Hapo hakuna kudhulumiana hata kidogo... kila mmoja kapata anayeendana naye...!

Yatia raha
Naona huyo black anaenda hewani kuliko mwenzake. Cjui anakula sna.
thats so beautiful


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