The papaya fruit is a significant source of proteolytic enzymes. These chemicals assist the digestive system, particularly in the absorption process.

Given that proteins are the building blocks of the body, never underestimate the value of papaya. The active ingredient in papaya is papain. Some manufacturers have developed techniques to extract the substance and use it for various purposes to suit different consumers.
Papain is sometimes  used to treat digestive problems. But it also has a practical use in tenderizing meat during cooking. Its tenderizing properties help people digest meat quickly
and easily.

Researchers have said that papaya can help slow down the aging process. Even if a patient is unable to eat food, papaya extracts can be administered in other forms. Papaya juice is an effective cleanser. It is worth noting that papaya tends to lose some of its enzymes as it ripens, so greener fruits are preferred.

Papaya contains an active ingredient called arginine, which has been credited with improving male fertility. Research is underway to confirm this finding. Another active ingredient known as carpain is credited with improving heart condition. The fruit is a great source of Vitamin C and carotene. Both these elements help improve vision.

Practical benefits of papaya include its capacity to treat stubborn wounds. Patients who have lost intestinal bacteria  following medical treatments may benefit from the introduction of papaya, for  the fruit tends to restore balance. The fruit truly offers multiple benefits.


Source: Healthy Living

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