The real definition of love is "a feeling in the human heart for someone, which insist them to care for someone". Someone may be parents, son, daughter, relatives, girl, boy etc. It has long list.

Love Psychology

The tough word to understand. There is a question always raised in our mind that

"is there any psychology behind the love"?

, the answer is yes. But today nobody is having time to follow this psychology because they are much busy in their daily schedule. All are busy in seeking their bright future. Finally might be they are getting their bright future but they forgot to save their relations in between. As we all know "every human is a social animal" nobody can live apart. So with every bright future there is a need of strong relations in life with whom you can share your views, your happiness, your sorrow, being a friend, who can guide you, who can help you, who always hold your hand even when you said

"leave me alone"


Today only one thing is limited in this world i.e. "love". Every thing is available in this world but love is the thing which is very much limited. One human behavior you can see in today's world that if somebody is loving us, giving care : we always used to take forgranted to those persons while we know that only these persons can be with us at any moment we need.

Psychology of love helps in saving these types of persons in your life, in presence of whom you can sleep peacefully.

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Is love limited to the emotional aspect alone....! How should we reconcile our reasoning capacity with our emotions? mind that the excessive of each falls into vice

Kidhungu kigumu sijaelewa..naomba tafsiri tasavali...

ni kweli kwamba upendo uko limited kwenye hisia tu? kama ndivo, ni ipi nafasi ya akili katika upendo? ni kipi kinatakiwa kumwongoza mwenzake kati ya akili na hisia? samahani Alfan tafsiri hii si sahihi sana lakini maana inaonekana!

Alfan wacha uchizi wako hapa!!!!!

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